Is the PinePhone delivered to your door or to a post office?
About the reseller part, there are quite a lot of European customers selling their PinePhone within the EU on this forum, you might want to check their threads out.
I can't really speak from a EU customers' perspective, but Hong Kong is pretty close to Japan, I ordered 3 times from PINE64 so far, and each time it took 1 month between ordering and shipment, then typically less than 1 day between shipment and delivery.
On the first time it took 2 days to be delivered, but that's because I didn't have 2200 yen when they came the first time, which by itself was quite a shock because I never had to pay customs until then.
Though the customs seem to only apply to the PinePhone, because I didn't have to pay any customs for the Quartz64.
for me in finland, it took roughly 1 week for shipment from the warehouse and 2 days for postal delivery, in both pinephone orders. in finland i got text message from dhl to choose pickup location or home address delivery. home delivery is default. and dhl called in second pinephone delivery.

my guess is, in romania you get phone in less than 2 weeks.

uk might be different story, because it is not part of e.u. anymore.

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