From open box to bash prompt
This should get you from unboxing to a console.

At the time of writing, the graphics output is not functional in the Manjaro builds (but looks to be in the Android 11 Production Test Build for Quartz64 model A SBC)

There is a hint that the default baud rate of the serial port is 1.5mbaud in a warning on the Quartz64 Wiki (emphasis added)

Quote:Warning: Software for the Quartz64 is still early in development, and therefore currently lacks features such as the ability to produce video output. You are strongly encouraged to procure a 3.3V UART serial adapter capable of running at 1.5 mbaud[], such as the woodpecker if you want to use a Quartz64 at this stage.

Make sure your adapter chipset supports 1.5 mbaud or higher. I happened to have (counterfeit?) CP2102 USB to TTL UART adapters which only go up to 1 mbaud. If your adapter does not support the higher baud rate, `screen` does not show an error, it just uses the highest supported baud rate of the chip.

Burn the Manjaro builds to a 2GB or larger microSD card (or eMMC if you purchased). As root run with the path of the SD card:

`xz -d < Manjaro-ARM-minimal-quartz64-bsp-20211025.img.xz - | dd of=/dev/sdX`

The serial port to use is described as UART2_RX_M0_DEBUG and UART2_TX_M0_DEBUG in the pinout.

[Image: QmVHARmKUtS6JMwX6ej8mYY24kCLRHXtAHdk3RCv7GjSKz]

Assuming you know your TTL adapter tty path, you have permissions to it and you have `screen` installed:

`screen /dev/ttyUSB0 1500000`

When booting, you should see activity from two LEDs next to the power button. If you only see It will start with a solid white and switch to a blinking red. Here is a video.

Boot and you should be presented with a setup menu.

Ethernet is set to use DHCP by default.

I switch to using SSH at this point.

Other info:

If you are using microSD and eMMC, there is a report it will attempt to boot from microSD first.

There is mention of a Debian build, but it may not be as convenient as the Manjaro setup

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