PinePhone keyboard usability: no phone ring with headphones
Something tells me we won't have to worry about any of this for a long time. Maybe when our kids are our age the keyboard will be released because so far it seems like vaporware. I've been hearing of the keyboard for a long time now. Is it going to be released with the PinePhone Pro as some sort of FU to the original PinePhone owners?
The keyboard is supposed to fit both the current Pinephone and the upcoming Pro. (Overall size, layout, battery, and pogo pins are the same for both phones.) No idea when the keyboard will be available or what the cost will be.

The larger battery in the keyboard would certainly be welcome and of course having a real keyboard will be a lot better than the software popup, but I'm afraid adding the keyboard will make an already fairly large and heavy phone even more awkward to carry around.
(10-26-2021, 08:07 PM)e1337 Wrote:
Quote:Something (probably the call app) switches audio profiles when you answer the call anyway.

Right, I was only referring to manual switching. But I think the key problem is feedbackd would also need to send audio on two devices, so just switching the profile alone probably wouldn't work. Most lower level userspace audio playback libraries allow using & feeding multiple audio devices at once though, so it's not impossible.

Basically, the main hold up seems to be that nobody cares about the use case. But I think with the PDA/pinephone keyboard form factor this is a really essential thing. This is why I made this forum thread, it's just frustrating to see it so dismissed (and apparently not mainly due to man power, but "this isn't even a valid use" reasoning).

As I showed earlier there is only one audio device (DAC) for it to play to. The audio profiles change the mixer settings that control how much of the output from the DAC is sent to each of the speaker, headset or earpiece.

I don't think anybody's said it's not a valid use case. I've said it shouldn't be the default for all pinephones as it runs counter to my experiences with other phones and causes a problem in what I think is a more common use case. If we can detect the presence of the keyboard easily (as opposed to a USB or bluetooth keyboard say) we should be able to automate it. As for the hold up, it's the usual one when all development is voluntary - needing someone with the right skills to be sufficiently motivated to do the work to make it happen. Mostly people are scratching their own itch. I know enough to know which areas I think I need to learn more about before I could tackle this issue.
(10-27-2021, 05:19 AM)wibble Wrote: I don't think anybody's said it's not a valid use case.

I got something along the lines of that on the mobian bugtracker, sadly (if I'm not reading too much into that). Since I really don't have the expertise to do something about it, I hoped maybe I'd be able to awaken someone on the forums who would be interested. Of course there is absolutely no grounds for me to expect it to work out, but I thought why not try?

@ single DAC: right, I somehow forgot that again mid-post. In any case, we probably both agree it's not impossible, at least if temporarily muting everything else during a ring is considered acceptable. As for detection, I'd honestly prefer a manual toggle for this personally since I don't see why some people wouldn't want it on a non-PDA phone too like me (and my Android works like that). Maybe I'm just weird though. But I hope at least for the PDA form factor it's more obvious why some may find it useful to have phone ringing from BOTH the headset and external speakers. I sure hope someone will be interested in implementing this into feedbackd.

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