PinePhone Pro battery life
(10-23-2021, 01:17 AM)someGermanGuy Wrote: is there some investigation done about the modem and power consumption? just wondering because the PPP should get the exact same modem and i am not sure how they will fix that problem, which is a pretty killer to me.
There have been some in the open modem firmware work. I don't know if they have quantified the savings they have made relative to the stock modem firmware versions.
(10-22-2021, 12:13 PM)someGermanGuy Wrote: when i run my pinephone for a day, the battery is dead.
when i touch the pinephone after a couple of hours, i dont need a hot-water bag, because i have the pinephone.
i am not sure if this is related to the cpu or the modem - i guess its a modem thing because when i disable the modem, the pinephone keeps longer alive.
i would really like to support pinephone as i did with the braveheart edition, but i am not going to buy the pp pro just because ... its useless for me.
i need a phone which is usable for at least 2 days as phone (i only need to make calls or receive calls), if its not going to fulfill that, sry i am out.

Have you tried PMOS (edge)? There have been a lot of improvements concerning the ModemManager Daemon.

I tested it for several months and everything concerning calls really works fine, the phone gets only warm when charging it.
Bigger battery would be nice, around 6400mAh fits my old LG V20 and does not feel to big and heavy or bulky.
And bigger battery helped on the Temp of my LG V20 as well, and that might also help on the Pinephone Pro.
Further a soft plastic cover will protect the front Camera as well, win win situation. *And if possible make it transparent so we can see the inside of the phone Tongue*
And a battery charger at the side as well, and all is good! Smile

- Darkijah
Battery charger and a soft transparent case have been in the accessories section for a long time now.
As most of the comments have noted the battery life is somewhat short. I also see this as a desktop o.s. issue as well that being not truly streamlined for a small device such as Android for example. I now use my Pine64 phone as a daily driver including all data and it works fine. That stated I also have USB-C charging cables all over the place ! I have one in my car, near my favourite leather chair, bedroom night stand table. My device is usually in a standby mode scenario and I have a BT folding keyboard that instantly connects so I will email and text through the keyboard. I can get a full day out of the battery under these circumstances. That being 100% in the morning to about 15% by 6:00pm. I think that this is not that bad. The most noticable change in battery life wa insertion of the sim card and modem enabled. Without the modem enabled I can get 2 days of battery life.
(11-03-2021, 05:25 AM)wibble Wrote: Battery charger and a soft transparent case have been in the accessories section for a long time now.

My bad, but would still be nice with bigger batteries and a charger that can function for that.
Very nice. Thanks.

- Darkijah
I am also concerned about the battery life of the PPP. Does the rk3399 also have an additional power-efficient core like the A64 with the CRUST firmware, or will at least one of the A53 cores always be alive? In the latter case, I fear we could see very poor battery life per battery capacity like in the Librem5.

So far, my experience with the rk3399-based boards compared to the A64 ones was that rk3399 consumes way more power in idle. And even if the cores are undervolted and clocked down, I am not sure if this will be sufficient to keep the battery usage low enough.
Hello all, sorry to update such an old topic, but I couln't find any news about this. How is the progress with "suspend" mode to RAM on the Pinephone Pro ?
Thank you very much for your kind feedback

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