Switching from Firefox OS
There are a lot of videos popping up lately telling you how crappy the PinePhone software is and that it's "for developers only". 

However, here is what I currently have:

I use a ZTE Open phone from 2014, running Firefox OS. I use it for phone calls, text messages, taking photos, and occasional web browsing (much of the newer stuff won't load in the outdated browser app). 

The hardware is old, and Firefox OS has long been discontinued. I would like to have better hardware, a long-term maintained operating system, and a reliable map service for locating stuff. I won't use GPS even on a PinePhone, but if it can be reliably switched off, that's fine with me.

I dislike Android and I am not going to switch back.

I have a degree in CS, use Linux (currently Artix) on my laptop, and have some experience running Linux servers, but I wouldn't call myself an advanced user. If I ditch my current device and get a PinePhone, will I be able to continue doing what I do without being annoyed all the time?

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