Where are the LoRaWAN devices?
(11-18-2021, 04:54 PM)TRS-80 Wrote:
(11-18-2021, 01:34 AM)ryo Wrote: If I understand it correctly, this is basically an internet router, but without any middlemen like an ISP and an internet backbone, or am I missing something?

Well I guess they could be used that way, in a closed network maybe?  But I think the point of stuff like TheThingsNetwork is to to connect the (local) RF (LoraWAN) devices to the broader Internet via gateways, such that they can communicate over longer distances.

I wouldn't expect the mainstream clearnet to be accessible over uncontrolled ways anyway, it's not like we live in the early 1990's when the internet was still an anarchist, minimal environment that required knowledge to even access it.
Basically what the darkweb and deepweb are nowadays, except now we have them in many different formats.
So I thought LoraWAN would be more like that rather than the clearnet (which we are using right now), which would help the darkweb and deepweb a lot since both still require an ISP and internet backbone in order to access, except they can't really do much when it comes to censorship, so it's either full access or no access (which probably is why they call it "dark").
LoraWAN, AFAIU, is also lower bandwidth and only suitable for things like sending sensor data (for example) and not high bandwidth things like video (for instance).

What is Free Software and why is it so important for society?

Protocols, not Platforms

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I am (nominally) the Armbian Maintainer for PineBook Pro (although severely lacking in time these days).
Until recently, TTN was open even to the poor folks like me who cannot afford a full gateway for funsies projects.

I'm still looking in to LoRa for personal use. Although it becomes far less interesting as the infrastructures become more closed. I have an extremely negative interest in tying things to some crypto thingamajig. If I host a gateway for sensors, it's free for all. We're a long, long way until sensor reading bandwidth becomes a problem even on a crappy aDSL line like mine.

I'm not a fan of the LoRa or Sigfox single-source licensing. The next-gen-"bluetooth" seems more open. LR Bluetooth almost certainly will solve my personal issues (erm, applications) and be multi-vendor.
Of the two older competitors, LoRa is more friendly to new systems than Sigfox is. But both come with more restrictions than I suspect Pine wants. Plus, there are few open LoRaWAN installations around for people to use in exploratory manners. To make matters even worse, if I recall correctly, they don't actually enforce airtime restrictions.
Does anybody know when the lora case would be available again? Its currently unavailable.
(04-14-2024, 11:49 AM)deuitpym Wrote: Does anybody know when the lora case would be available again? Its currently unavailable.

Shipping team locates 4 PinePhone LoRa add-on case in warehouse and just put back in stock.

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