Choosing Wi-Fi or Mobile Data
Does anyone know if the phone is connected to both Wi-Fi and has mobile data turned on is it smart enough to use Wi-Fi? I am always on Wi-Fi and just got a note from my provider claiming I've used half my data. I'm running Mobian, with the necessary patches to receive MMS messages (I mention this because I think the MMS eats into my data, even though it's supposed to be unlimited text). Any help is appreciated!
I was looking into this a while back because I had a similar issue. Here is what I found.
Wifi should be preferred since it has lower metric values in the routing table (or at least it should have). However I noticed that if IPv6 wasn't available on the wifi network, mobile data was used instead since IPv6 seems to be prioritized over IPv4. My workaround still is disabling IPv6 for the mobile data connection, so it doesn't matter if the wifi network supports IPv6.

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