Pinetime almost dead... only shows Infinitime logo.
@lightweight I pointed the community towards your problem and there are a few points:

Quote:P64ProtocolBot: [D] <thanos the they/them engine> I've opened a sealed unit
P64ProtocolBot: [D] <thanos the they/them engine> bit more than just a hairdryer but it's not super difficult

So worst comes to worst, it would be possible to open the PineTime. We're not quite there yet, but people have been able to successfully open sealed devices.

Quote:P64ProtocolBot: [D] <Geekboy1011> @B[] i dont have an account on the forum yet, but ask him if he removed the pairing from his phone.
P64ProtocolBot: [D] <Geekboy1011> It sounds like he is making it into the infintime recovery firmware (good!) but gadgetbridge is not seeing the watch. Which can happen when its paired to the device as it ignore paired devices

The fact you are seeing _something_ is apparently a good sign.

So the suggestion here is to remove all pairing in your phone. I would suggest the following:

1. Remove the PineTime from any Bluetooth pairing.

2. Fully power off your phone (this ensures GadgetBridge and Bluetooth are cleared of any state on your phone).

3. Restart phone.

4. Long-press the PineTime to reset it.

5. Start GadgetBridge and attempt to pair (you may need to turn on Bluetooth again).

Please get back to us with the results.

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