Which OS can I actually run a 1080p pinebook non-pro?
[font=IBMPlexSans, Arial, sans-serif][font=IBMPlexSans, Arial, sans-serif][font='Noto Sans', Arial, sans-serif]Hi, [/font][/font][/font]
[font=IBMPlexSans, Arial, sans-serif][font=IBMPlexSans, Arial, sans-serif][font='Noto Sans', Arial, sans-serif]I have tried a bunch of different images with various kernels, but in all cases performance is unusable. I'd like to use this device for [font='Noto Sans', Arial, sans-serif][i]something[/i], but it needs to be reasonably good at it. I had issues with: some images black screening because they were intended for the low-res screen, some images not working when transferring them to emmc, GUI performance in general sucking, hardware support being incomplete and even non-GUI applications being slow. Kali worked, but it was just too slow to do anything. I'm not even expecting web browsing, at least a usable desktop. Is this even possible?[/font]

What are you running and what is the least sucky option that at least works?

[Image: renderTimingPixel.png][/font][/font]
Did you try Armbian?

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