I have been playing with RKDevTool v2.71 on the Quartz64 running Android and it appears to work.
I haven't yet tried to write an image to eMMC with it.  Doing this requires knowledge that I don't yet have.

I found that versions 4.x of Rockchip Driverassistant wouldn't work, but 5.1.1 does. Well either that or I made a mistake somewhere.

To run RKDevTool one needs to plug in a Windows laptop with an A to A USB cable, shut down the Quartz64, press the "recovery" button and whilst continuing to press it power on the Quartz64.

This will put the Quartz64 into "loader" mode.

In RKDevTool in Advanced Functions you can reset the Quartz64 (boot Android again) or go into Maskrom mode.

The ExportImage feature only works if Start + Count doesn't exceed 65536 and with Start=0 and Count=65536 it appears to dump out the first 32MB of the eMMC module.

I haven't played with the batch tool yet.

I don't suppose that these tools are that important with a Quartz64 unless you want to seal it up in a box making removal of the eMMC module difficult, but my objective is to learn more generally about the RK3566 at the moment.

I hope that this is useful to someone as it took me hours to figure it out.
I am having much better success with the Linux rkdeveloptool.  It was easy to install as well because it was available in the software centre on my Manjaro laptop.
Maybe I spoke too soon. I think that rkdeveloptool is subject to the same security controls on reading as RKDevTool. My understanding is that the enforcement of the security policy is actually in the recovery mode software and/or the SoC itself.

I looked at my files read with rkdeveloptool and anything in later partitions is all zeros, so without doing testing I am guess that the same 32Mb limit is in place.

Moreover, when I try to write something to the RK3566 with rkdeveloptool I am getting failure messages.

The quartz64 wiki suggests that writing to eMMC is possible with RKDevTool but I don't understand the tool (have to read the manual) but if anyone can give me any shortcuts on how to burn an img file onto eMMC with RKDevTool from MASKROm mode then that would be helpful.

thanks, DNJ
Does anyone have an example parameter.txt file that works with RKDevTool v2.84 ?
I am unable to figure out how to create one.

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