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Greetings all, I'm a brand newbie to the Rock64, after purchasing one from an Ebay vendor. I have some exxperience with the Raspberry Pi, as well as some Ubuntu experience on one of my laptops. I therefore wanted to try Ubuntu 18.04 OS. but I'm having trouble understanding how to get it on an SD. I read the instructions, which sound very similar to the Raspberry Pi way of doing it, IE: downloading image, placing the image file on the microsd card via Win32 Imager (Using Win10 laptop) plug it in and go.
The Win32 Imager is looking for a .img file. What was downloaded from the github site was a .img.tar file. Not being sure how to deal with that, I unzipped the .tar and lo and behold there were 7 different images in the tar. Can someone please explain to me how to deal with this? Thanks.
Can I make a suggestion. As a novice maybe you could try Armbian Linux, the Debian Distro for Arm processors. Quite easy to install and very stable. Of course if you really need Ubuntu you could check out the Wiki here. Gives install instructions for all flavours that run on the Rock64.
Personally I am more of a Debian guy, but Armbian do also publish Ubuntu images...

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