Reddit clients for the Pinephone.
Note! These are initial notes for my future blog post and I was simply to lazy to transform them from markdown but still want the help of the community. Please don't kill me and f you know any more Reddit clients for Linux systems please let me know and I will add them! (Screenshots coming soon, probably tomorrow and if there are any spacing issues blame the Forum idk why but it sometimes dose that to me and editing just makes it worse.

# Alive:

A few well working and still maintained projects.

**Giara:** Another really nice Reddit client using GTK4 that looks amazing and while it isn't totally smooth there really isn't much lag but it's resource usage seems fairly high since the Pinehpne gets hot quickly which could negatively effect battery life. I really like the overall UI and it packs a few nice features Headlines seems to lack like replacing Youtube with Invidious and Twitter with Nitter but I prefer Headlines overall. Giara is a very nice Reddit client and if the resource usage which already isn't even remotely comparable to the laggy GTK3 version gets improved even I may pick it in the future.

**Quickddit:** A very nice Reddit client originally developed for Ubuntu touch which usually completely breaks any chance for compatibility with the Linux ecosystem but in this case the app is developed using web technologies which enables it to run under Arch and if you build it manually should also do so in others like PostmarketOS or Manjaro. Even if I wouldn't use Ubuntu Touch myself because of various reasons I have to admit it's UI is awesome and was far ahead of it's time when it came out and and Quickddit carries some of the practical parts over. It doesn't look that amazing to my eyes (at least under Phosh) but oh boy dose it deliver! There are basically all the features you could want, usage with or without account and also multi account, good performance, very practical look, option to reposition the top bar to the bottom for one handed use, dark theme, play gifs and videos and so much more. I only really use Reddit to ask for help with blog posts like this one so idk how much it means but Quickddit is my personal recommendation for a Reddit client on the Pinephone no matter the DE or Distro.

For arch use AUR package ``quickddit``

git clone

cd qqc2-suru-style


make -j4

sudo make install

git clone --recurse-submodules

vim [or nano] Quickddit/src/quickdditmanager.cpp #add API keys here, the project readme describes how to get them

cd Quickddit/ubuntu-touch


make -j4

Just run ./quickddit to start the app and try signing into Reddit. To install it permanently, you would have to create a desktop file and you might want to move it to /opt/quickddit or something.

Credit goes to Peter and his post

**Headlines:** A beautiful and buttery smooth GTK4 Reddit client that I will start to use myself after testing it for a while. I think it's still fairly new and already amazing. The smoothest experience of all clients in this post, all in GTK4 which is amazing for Phosh users like me, has all the features I need and with a beautiful UI. Definitely one of my recommendations specially for Phosh users!

# Dead:

Just a few unmaintained and not specially usable projects that I still want to mention.

**Something for Reddit:** You may need a microscope but with scale to fit this old GTK Reddit client actually works. It's not specially usable and had no updates in over three years so I have fairly low hopes for future mobile support but it's still a client so it will appear in the "Dead" section of this post with the short sentence or two you are reading rn.

**Reddit client GTK:** I haven't got it to build yet (needs cross compiling) and since it's a abandoned WIP Rust learning project so I am not to sure if it's worth it to do so.

**Baconer:** Seems like this one was abandoned in very early development and probably with barely any mobile support even tho it looks like it w2as supposed to target mobile devices to me. It laggs really bad, the UI is very ugly and hard to navigate, it seems to straight up just load websites for some crap and they make the scaling issues even more obvious and is just generally unusable. There also wasn't any activity on the repo for over nine months so unless the Plasma mobile team picks it back up I don't have specially high hopes for the future. It's one of those many small Kirigami apps with no description and using qmake, most of which seem to have targeted Android (E.g. blabber).

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