Question regarding modem
(10-09-2021, 01:51 PM)walter1950 Wrote: Hello Anton, dcinoz,

You both saved my A**. Thank You!

I have changed all 3 *.toml Files and it works. It works also after a Reboot at the Moment.
Anton, You mentioned in a Posting today or Yesterday a maybe wrong Path to this *.toml Files. It took me some "Hours" to find those ;-)

<Well done Gentlemens>

Sorry about that, walter1950 . The path should be //usr/share/eg25-manager/

I posted a summary of the solution here.

It's only the imperfect method without VoLTE support, dcinoz, since I haven't applied the better solution yet. But for me it's good enough for the time being. Maybe I'll try to make VoLTE calls work once I have some free time.

Thanks again!
This reconfig worked for me on USMobile (a T-Mobile MVNO).

Outbound SMS weren't being sent until setting IMS to 2.

Thank you everyone!

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