Boot screen stuck at 'K' because of firmware deleted.
(10-05-2021, 01:06 PM)poundantisec Wrote:
(09-27-2021, 05:10 PM)poundantisec Wrote: I had just fixed a package problem when my phone died of battery. I guess the linux-firmware package did not install because I had to remove it before update to reinstall. Now my phone is bricked at the K screen. It even lets me move the cursor around. How can I get a terminal up?

Bump. Anyone got the steps I should take to remedy this bricked pinephone?
when i bought beta edition and i decided to use default plasma manjaro for testing. it had issue in one update, and i need to fix it. i installed another manjaro on memory card and fixed by using external installation.

following is what i used to fix, use commands in caution. basically user needs to understand what's going on. these instruction may not apply directly as same.

if k logo is there, you could use usb docking dongle, keyboard and possibly mouse to use background terminal. to access terminal, press control-alt f2, then you could do fixing. command "nmtui" is useful.

you could use jumpdrive ( and mount using computer to access files. if you have arm64 based linux laptop, then you could use chroot. however, x86 laptop makes things more difficult.

sounds like, you probably have to reinstall.

for this forum, i deleted this post and reposted again because of bugs. i encounter that adding spaces bug. probably related to hidden codes.

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