Backing up contacts prior to OS reinstall
Is it possible/practical to backup my contacts somehow, then restore them after I've reinstalled the operating system?

If so, a step-by-step guide to achieving this would be greatly appreciated.
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You did not specify the shell - Plasma Mobile or Phosh?
In Plasma Mobile I'm using a combo usbA&usbC memory stick and copy there the following files:
and directories:
Just with Index file manager
i keep them on my nextcloud, but with KDE plasma mobile, only contacts. For calendar items I must learn vdirsyncer.
With vdirsyncer, you should be able to save your contacts to a local directory too, by the way.
And then sync them back to your new install.
On Phosh the contacts are stored in .local/share/evolution/addressbook. You can just backup and restore that folder.

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