Rackmount cluster case as a Pine Store product?
Good day!

As is evident from the attached image (which is from a Housekeeping blog post),
the community around Pine64 makes rackmount cluster cases.

I think it would make for a fine product -- and certainly, I'd buy one.

Is there anything that stops this from being productivised?

Was this idea even considered?

[Image: 0d45421f-6419-4c81-a59c-cd6692b249e5-1024x576.jpg]
That seems easier to build yourself.

But a product like this based on something like the Pine64 Clusterboard would be cool:
Wonder if the cost and practicality of making/maintaining these clusters.
(09-27-2021, 05:07 PM)poundantisec Wrote: Wonder if the cost and practicality of making/maintaining these clusters.

If you have a highly horizontally scalable workload (quite rare) then they can be quite cost effective compared to a big server 64 core+ CPU, but in most cases it is more of a neat toy project with little real benefit over a normal small x86 server and plenty of down-sides.

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