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The workaround to get my modem back online was tedious and unreliable as it turns out. (Sometimes it restores the ability to make calls but sometimes the phone will not connect or sometimes it fails register with my cellular provider). I've been running modem firmware since before Bookworm and Bookworm since the support for Mobian stable was reduced. It's been a good combination until now and I don't know what in a recent apt-get upgrade broke it.

Subsequent apt-get upgrades are not fixing it either so I restored my system from a backup image I'd made around September 1st and all is well again. I don't know why others are not reporting this problem but perhaps few users are using modem firmware and the problem doesn't exist on previous firmware versions.
Have you tried the October 03 Nightly ?

For me phone rings almost instantly, even when in deep sleep. The O.S. to modem interactions are improving.
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(10-03-2021, 07:28 PM)bcnaz Wrote: Have you tried the October 03 Nightly ?

For me phone  rings almost instantly, even when in deep sleep. The O.S. to modem interactions are improving.

This phone is my daily driver cell phone and I didn't want to lose my /home, flatpak stuff, downloaded ScoutOSM maps and a couple of custom application builds from source. I felt too lazy to attempt to archive and restore it all later too. I noticed that apt was holding back EG25-manager or modem-manager updates (or maybe it was both of them) so I did an apt-get dist-upgrade today. (Previously I was doing apt-get upgrade.) I should now have essentially the equivalent of 03 Nightly plus some additional aps.

After the dist-upgrade, my modem was detected and it is working again!Big Grin Yup--my phone rings immediately now in deep sleep too (coincident with the first audible ring on the outgoing phone, whereas previously there was two rings of latency).

Also a somewhat fortunate consequence of the dist-upgrade is an intermittent bug that I've been experiencing is now a solid fail so I submitted a Mobian issue: Settings Application is Missing Suspend Management Feature

Despite the Settings ap bug, this dist-upgrade is a keeper and it is definitely time to dd another archive image backup to my 128 MB SD card!

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