Phone stuck in a login loop
I received this phone on Sept 2, had a problem with it from get-go. Unless it is connected to a charger it sticks in a login loop. That is: enter password, accepted, display for about 5 seconds, enter password etc, etc. etc..
While the phone was on the charger I tried a software update as suggested. That kept crashing with libcanbera 0.30+2+ unmet dependencies. After a lot of searching I discovered how to update from the terminal with Pacman (always thought that was an arcade game from the ‘70s). That crashed and could not be updated due to locked files which had to be removed using the terminal. This happened 3 or 4 times.
With the last update try I left it over night on the charger.
Update success: but: It is still stuck in the login loop.
Is this PinePhone quality control or did I just get a piece of junk?

Yes, we all got a "piece of junk" if you like to say it so.
Didn't you read all the disclaimers? Especially the software... For developers and early adopters with certain Linux knowledge...
It is always good to search the forum for similar problems Wink
Eg this one:

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