Axolotl not working?
(08-30-2021, 10:18 AM)Anna Wrote:
(08-28-2021, 07:54 AM)arno_nuehm Wrote: A possible fix will take until Tuesday at least, according to nanu-c, the main dev of Axolotl.

Thanks for the info! We'll all keep the fingers crossed. At least the desktop version connected to it is still working, so I could narrowly escape a major communication disaster today.

EDIT: ...WAS working. I made the stupid mistake of unregistering on the phone in the hope of making Axolotl work again. Axolotl apparently had some success in communicating with the Signal Servers: The desktop app on my notebook does not work anymore and asks me to reconnect to the phone -- which is not possible. So I strongly advise anyone who uses the desktop app against following the instructions below the error message to "unregister and register again"  - this will only mess up things even more.

Oh, sounds bad. Sorry to hear that... And yes, Signal Desktop gets to know, when an account is de-registered.

Have you tried to re-register Axolotl? If it works, you "should" be able to re-link your Signal Desktop.
(08-31-2021, 09:08 AM)arno_nuehm Wrote: Have you tried to re-register Axolotl? If it works, you "should" be able to re-link your Signal Desktop.

Yeah, several times, but unfortunately to no avail.

After I was completely disconnected, I registered Signal with my Pinephone SIM-Card on an (otherwise unused) Android phone and linked that to my Signal desktop. So now I have a working Signal app on my Laptop and a defunct Axolotl on my phone.

I would rather refrain from trying to re-register Axolotl again for fear of breaking my desktop setup again. So I'd rather wait for good news in the Axolotl thread ;-)

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