e-paper pinephone? smaller screen pinenote?
(08-26-2021, 09:43 AM)ideograph Wrote: Very interesting, thank you for the link, I had not seen this previously. I wonder why they are pursuing an entirely new form factor for the pinecom, when a paired down pinephone would satisfy all the requirements, and be able to use the pinephone peripherals.

My impression is that it would essentially be a 'dumb' PinePhone at $100 or less, with LoRa and possibly the BL602. I *really* want to know more about this device - I yearn for a modern PDA device so much.

(08-26-2021, 09:43 AM)ideograph Wrote: I posted it on that thread, but you may be interested in the Precursor device coming out later this year, a super secure black and white low power mobile device with hardware keyboard, https://betrusted.io/ .

I saw that and like it, but I suspect such a bespoke device will have a very bespoke price tag. I assume it will either have cellular or WiFi - both of which typically have closed-source firmwares and have been exploited recently.

Using an FPGA as a CPU is super interesting idea though, I hope it sees some support. For now it is hard enough to even get full hardware support for normal ARM CPUs in the Linux kernel, and these are mass-produced devices!

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