e-paper pinephone? smaller screen pinenote?
I currently use a rooted hisense a5, which is an epaper phone about the same size as the pinephone. it is probably the best size for reading epubs, is very convenient to carry, and a large screen is not necessary for basic note taking and reading consumption tasks. However, using a touch screen keyboard is a pain.

I am extremely excited for the pine phone keyboard, as I think it is going to make a useful note taking device, but an epaper screen would be the ideal pair in my opinion.

Is there any chance, thought, or interest in a much smaller epaper device than the new pinenote? I find the large screens, especially 10 inches, to be overkill in most situations, and the only feature missing from my epaper phone is a hardware keyboard.

excited for there finally to be an open epaper device!

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e-paper pinephone? smaller screen pinenote? - by ideograph - 08-25-2021, 12:44 PM

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