Pinebook Pro Stopped Charging via USB-C
(08-24-2021, 01:30 PM)MickTheGeek Wrote: Hello everyone.

I'm having a problem with the charging on my PBP.  A few days ago, all of s sudden the PBP stopped charging via the USB-C port. I was down to about 39% of charge so I decided to charge it overnight using the same `USB-C charger I have been using all along.  When I checked the PBP in the morning, the charge was still at 39%. I have tried a different charge cable and still same results. The battery indicator on the PBP is indicating that it is charging, but the level never increases. Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

/Michael Biel

Sorry to inform you but this is probably due to USB-C charging circuit fried.
This happened to many users using USB-C chargers.

Buy USB to barrel cable if you still want to use this charger instead of original.

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