PinePhone SDCard boot failed
im new to the Forum.

I got my PinePhone yesterday and was pretty happy about it first.
After setting it up i tryed to update the Phone using the App. After the Update, the Phone 
had to restart and after the Restart the Phone showed its "K" Logo but it keept stuck there 
with some Mouse Cursor. And after many restart trys it stayed like that sadly.

So i decidet to load the Updated PlasmaOS to a SDCard and boot it from there.
First time it was booting fine from the SDCard then i noticed i have to install it from SDCard to the eMMC again.
It was late at night so i just waited for the next Morning.

But on the next Morning (Today) i want to power up the Phone, but for some reason 
if i leave the SDCard in while the Phone powers up, i just got the red LED, it vibrates once and then the Screen stays black.
I have tryed multiple times switch the SDCard with another one but the Result stays the same, black Screen of Death :c 

If i remove the SDCard again the Phone shows its "K" Logo but it keept stuck there again with its Mouse Cursor.

I hope the SD Slot is not damaged, but i dont understand i just waited for over night, didnt touched nothing :c

Hope someone can help me there. 

Best Regards, Zuck
What are you using to prepare your sd card ?

I have had very good results using Balena Etcher to flash sd cards for both my Pinebook Pro and my Pine phones.

While I have not tried KDE/Manjaro, I did recently try the Phosh/Manjaro and that did start and run ok, for me.

Personally I am using a July Mobian/Phosh release with updates on an sd card in a PMOS Convergent phone for my daily driver.


( I am Lucky enough to have multiple Pine phones, one I use as a daily driver, the others I use to test and compare the different OS'es.)

You can run from the sd card as long as you want, you do Not 'have to install to eMMC' wait until you like the OS, then install it.
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