Which PineNote would you prefer?
without modem as announced
internal 3g/5g modem, higher price
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What sort of peripherals would you like to see for the PineNote? Internal 3g/5g modem
Since the question has been in the announcement I'll open the thread about it.

The idea mentioned putting the PineNote into or connecting it to a dedicated keyboard/case solution would immediately end up on my as the device to take on the go. I do not like videos nor do I have much time to spend with games so I'd be really happy with that solution.

Only one thing would be missing for me: an internal wireless modem to connect to mobile networks.

The Pinephone already is a good companion on the road and I love using it with keyboard an mouse connected. But that's only because I can just have network either way: wifi or mobile.

Please consider if there's space inside the case to make it into a PineNote-which-can-be-used-like-a-Pinephone Smile. For me it'd be fine to have the same modem like in the Pinephone with all the exciting development around its firmware. Though I wouldn't say 'no' to a 5g solution for a higher price - maybe as a door opener for the future Pinephone hardware also ;-).
I already have an eink tablet WITH a modem and don't use it at all. I transfer files to read on it via bluetooth. Definitly not needed in my case, totally happy without a modem Smile
I also prefer to not have a modem. My general experience is that its better if the e-note device follows the philosophy to decrease distractions and not having a browser for surfing the web or an E-Mail client. Sometimes limiting functionality helps. From my point of view creating a device that has a specific purpose instead of having fucntions for everything is better.

On the other hand, a modem would be needed for education purposes (teaching). In the way Quirklogic is doing it. But this whole topic of collaboration is for me a little bit more far away.
I think no modem is better, you can always tether to any phone with wifi any way so I don't think the cost benefit is there. The modem would add complexity and cost, especially if aiming for 5g which is still kind of a novelty and buzzword more than anything.
If it has a usb port then a modem dongle accessory could be an option.

I've bought 3 e-readers. The last two are ONYX M92/9" and ONYX Max2/13" from years. At this moment, I'm working with the Max2 for a professional usage.

I would connect a keyboard and maybe a mouse directly. Or to use a very small HUB that doesn't require an external power supply like for the Max2. More than USB/USB-C port could be a good idea.

A port for an external memory like SD-Card is a missing on the ONYX Max2. You can read the dedicated thread to ONYX here : https://www.mobileread.com/forums/forumd....php?f=220 A good source of ideas.

The WiFi or Bluetooth are not always the best solutions when you have some strict security rules. A SD-Card that could be checked is a better choice, you know exactly what there is on it. After you can erase the SD-Card to avoid that some bad things from the e-reader goes to in the IT. In some cases : WiFi and Bluetooth are forbidden, so you can't load the e-reader if you haven't a physical access.

The Max2 has a HDMI input port. I can use as first or second monitor. The problem is the management off this screen. Under Linux it is easier than Windows.
Modems are a major pain and a huge privacy problem, I'm not sure I'm happy having one in my Pinephone so that's more than enough.
(08-17-2021, 05:10 AM)quantumjelly Wrote: I think no modem is better, you can always tether to any phone with wifi any way so I don't think the cost benefit is there. The modem would add complexity and cost, especially if aiming for 5g which is still kind of a novelty and buzzword more than anything.

A good thing is to be able to use the USB connection to have the network on the PineNote. You could directly connect the PinePhone in USB-C or any Linux box that has a gigabit access  Smile
The critics that a modem is a security problem is correct, but it also is an option and the security disaster does not stop without a built-in modem using an external connection to a … e.g. an external modem or ethernet or whatever. In case of the EG25 the risk might be lower than with other devices, because there is already a lot known about the firmware and as I understood open source replacement is being worked on.

What I'd like to see is an internal modem like in the pinephone that can be removed or even better separately ordered as an option.

The design would preferably be in such a way that it would be possible to disable it electrically (cutting power to the device) - like with the pinephone or librem5.

The huge advantage I see with the built-in modem as an option is that one would be able to use the device not only as a notebook replacement (including network connectivity), but also as a phone replacement.

As I understood the situation for phone usage there has to be a separate connection for the sound beside the usb connection for data and control. With an external device this would be difficult. Maybe I misunderstood this?

The idea to connect to a phone for network is in my opinion a bit outdated. I'd have to waste battery power of two devices and be depended of the functionality of two devices to just use networking. There are use cases, I know, but I'd prefer much a device that does what I expect on its own.
From what I read there will be a modem cable, I think.

So possibly they will offer a do-it-yourself kit to add the modem.?

Only problem I see with adding an internal modem is what about the antenna  ?

Perhaps an optional rear cover that has the anttena in it,  ?

But I guess a modem privacy switch may not be possible at this time,?
  someone creative may put a switch inline with the modem hook-up cable.

A cover/keyboard/prop like the PineTab has available would be icing on the cake..

A few optional choices would be nice :

1)  First you must have a base model at least,
          but maybe the option to purchase

2a)  A more expensive tablet that comes with the modem pre-installed.

2b)  A kit with all the parts so we can add the modem ourselves.

3) a kit to install a micro sd card socket

I wonder if the battery is easily replaceable and can we find a mainstream replacement.?
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