Video playback with hardware acceleration

Shortly I read about 'Clapper' which plays back videos using hardware acceleration on the PinePhone, at least if the video's codec is H.264. I have a video file, whose codec is H.264 but the screen simply stays black, it doesn't even start.
On Youtube I saw a demonstration of Clapper with a demo video (screenshots of this video are on the flathub site linked above). Can someone point me to this demo video or another video that works so I can take a look at the specs. I'd like to encode some videos with Handbrake according to those specs.

Thanks for any hint!
I've gotten this to work by reading these two pages:

Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding on the PinePhone
Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding on the PinePhone with Clapper

Your problem is likely from not compiling the latest gstreamer.
Thank you for those hints.
It took me some days to try that, but it won't work for me.

I did everything like described in the first link. If I try to run the video, I get

ERROR Driver did not accept the bitstream parameters. for file...

So I didn't even try with the GUI. What could I do about that?

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