Pinephone camera & Megapixels - Bug report and question
Hi folks. I've been Pinephoning since late 2020 and am pleased with the current stable release of Manjaro ARM w/ Phosh. I now consider this a reliable and practical daily driver and that wasn't the case in November of 2020.

One function of the Pinephone I'm yet to get full use from is the camera. Firstly, a bug report.

I have noticed that if by dipswitch setting, the user-facing camera is disabled, but the back camera is enabled, Megapixels stalls and fails to open. If both cameras are enabled by dipswitch, Megapixels opens and functions perfectly. I'm yet to try the reverse combination.

Also, has anyone successfully shot video using the camera on the Pinephone? If Megapixels allows for that, I haven't figured out how to switch from photo to video recording. Is there another video recording program anyone can recommend?

Thanks in advance.  Smile
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