USB C connector loose?
(08-09-2021, 01:02 PM)bceverly Wrote: Hi,

Anything I plug into the USB-C connector on the phone is very easily dislodged.  I mean I barely touch the phone and it comes unplugged.  Any suggestions?  It feels like things don't plug in far enough to lock into place.  Perhaps there is a cable extender/adapter that would help?


Hi Bceverly,

I've also had problems with my USB-C connection. In my case the supplied cable only charges one way up... presumably this is also a symptom of a loose connection. It's workable for the time being but not ideal as if I plug it in in a hurry, or forget to check, I have a 50% chance of the phone not charging at all.

It seems to me that this component of the Pinephone could and should be physically improved.
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