Horizontal stripes in display?
Hi there,

for some time now, in bright environments (outside), I see pairs of horizontal lines on my screen, no matter if it's active or not.
They are interrupted in the area of about the analog watch face. Or maybe that's the area in which I touch it mostly. Can anyone tell me, if that is supposed to be like that or what it is and where that came from? Is it a hardware issue?

I tried to take a picture, but since the display's glass reflects pretty much, this was the best I could get:

[Image: uc?export=view&id=1k7Ey7IrWaGI7H5WsBtkpqgnRhUAm377b]

Hopefully you can recognize those lines. That's pretty annoying, disturbing and simply doesn't look good.
Thanks for your answers!
Two of my PineTime have developed this. One unsealed unit that was frequently worn without being fully water tight (double sided tape) and, at the time, I assumed water vapour ingress was settling behind the screen (which sees the biggest temperature swings so it where water vapour will tend to condense).

However I have the same horizontal lines forming on a fully sealed unit as well (which shouldn't be letting water vapour in) so perhaps my theory of what is happening is wrong!
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I am having the same issue with a sealed unit as well. Looks exactly like in the picture of the opening post.
I have exactly the same issue with my sealed Pinetime. I bought it in the first batch offering sealed units.

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