u-boot rk356х (rockchip repository)
(09-04-2021, 08:21 AM)ryo Wrote: Along with an error, although it seems like compilation went on regardless.
  CC      net/tftp.o
lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c: In function 'load_and_verify_vbmeta':
lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c:476:40: error: 'found' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized]
  476 |     loaded_partition->partition_name = avb_strdup(found);
      |                                        ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c:299:15: note: 'found' was declared here
  299 |   const char* found;
      |               ^~~~~
  CC      drivers/video/drm/analogix_dp.o
  LD      net/built-in.o
  CC      test/dm/cmd_dm.o
  LD      test/dm/built-in.o
  CC      drivers/video/drm/analogix_dp_reg.o
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors
make[2]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:280: lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.o] エラー 1
make[1]: *** [scripts/Makefile.build:425: lib/avb/libavb] エラー 2
make: *** [Makefile:1305: lib] エラー 2
make: *** 未完了のジョブを待っています....
  LD      drivers/watchdog/built-in.o
  CC      drivers/video/drm/rockchip_lvds.o
  CC      drivers/video/drm/rockchip_panel.o
  LD      drivers/video/drm/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/video/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/built-in.o

I ran into this too, and just did this:

diff --git a/lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c b/lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c
index 123701fc3b..74fc5e7bb2 100644
--- a/lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c
+++ b/lib/avb/libavb/avb_slot_verify.c
@@ -296,7 +296,7 @@ static AvbSlotVerifyResult load_and_verify_hash_partition(
   bool image_preloaded = false;
   uint8_t* digest;
   size_t digest_len;
-  const char* found;
+  const char* found = "";
   uint64_t image_size;
   size_t expected_digest_len = 0;
   uint8_t expected_digest_buf[AVB_SHA512_DIGEST_SIZE];

Also, I think you should use the ./make.sh script, like the Quartz64 CI does.

If you run into any further issues, the quickest way to get help is probably in the Quartz64 channel of the PINE64 chats. I'm usually quite active there.

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