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(08-10-2021, 09:56 AM)nelstomlinson Wrote: Does Mobian do backports? Or will Mobian Bullseye be not quite frozen? I really want stability and don't want to enable testing if I can avoid it.

As is stands, I believe Mobian relies on some bleeding-edge software from upstream, such as PinePhone-specific firmware. Ergo, there are "third-party" repositories configured to serve those packages.

For ubiquitous userland programs, such as the GNU coreutils, there is no reason why the Mobian developers couldn't use stable. However, this changes when you consider phosh, and other packages developed for the PinePhone and Librem 5.

Mobian could introduce a backports-like system to achieve this, but it isn't available.
I think the Mobian Developers are going to stay on the cutting edge, I believe they are going to jump into 'Bookworm' Debian shortly after the Bullseye release.

"Debian" will continue to support the Mobian mobile branch with security updates.

Check out the Mobian Blog for more details.
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Backports would be nice, because that would let me just update a few programs that I actually need to have updated.
Bookworm would be OK for Mobian, except running testing for the whole distro causes a bunch of issues.

Maybe the question I should have asked is: ``What sources lines should I have to keep sort of up to date, without having something important break on every single update?''
Pinephone beta edition, convergence model, Mobian Bookworm with Phosh.

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