Battery replacement
I just got my PBP back from a repair shop after keyboard, mouse and USB inputs all suddenly and simultaneously stopped working. The technician found that they work on mains power supply with the battery disconnected, and suggested I replace the battery. He and I both searched for the right model, but didn't find anything. Is it available anywhere?

Search for 40110175p
Hi everybody,
I've found a place where you can purchase replacement batteries.

Check this place:
(select the upper battery "Laptop battery for H-40110175P, PL3588106P-2P, NV-40110175 computer batteries")

(just in case that the above link may break in the future)
To find the above page, put the text "H-40110175P" into the search box, then select the battery with "3.8V" voltage and "4.35V" max charging voltage (you need to click on the "More Info" button, to see the enlarged image).
Also check the connector, there is a second battery listed with a slightly smaller connector & only 3.8V max charging voltage, that does not fit into the Pinebook Pro.

When purchasing put the text "Pinebook Pro" into the text box "your machine model" and you are fine to go.

I'm from the EU (Austria). so purchasing replacement pieces from the pine store could be a bit tedious, because of toll, etc, and currently the Pinebook Pro replacement batteries are currently marked as "Sold Out" in the pine store. So the above store is a convenient place to fetch those batteries.

Btw also check out the Warehouse addresses:
Purchasing also e.g. from the US should be simple (& toll-free).

best regards

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