Cannot ship, need USB SERIAL CONSOLE/PROGRAMMER alternative please
(10-17-2021, 03:49 PM)JuniperFury Wrote: Sorry it's so late updating this. Just wanted to say you were correct, I was able to find extra usb serial adapters at a HAM radio store. Also beforehand when I was in that pinch trying to find the usb serial, I found a linux robotics club at a local high school near me, I donated an extra a64 for a few extra usb serials they had. They never heard of pine before and heard later their quite happy with it Smile They're doing something with AI and Pis usually to make robots that can complete movement and route changing goals using a camera and symbols printed out on paper for each goal. All beyond me but sounds very interesting.

Also the tip about Poste restante, I never knew about this and seems most country post offices do this which I've been using successfully now. 

Thanks for the help all the help

Thanks on donated PINE A64 SBC to your local Linux robotic club Smile

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RE: Cannot ship, need USB SERIAL CONSOLE/PROGRAMMER alternative please - by tllim - 10-17-2021, 11:36 PM

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