Cannot ship, need USB SERIAL CONSOLE/PROGRAMMER alternative please
(07-19-2021, 01:02 AM)biketool Wrote:
(07-18-2021, 02:22 PM)JuniperFury Wrote: Hello due to travels I cannot ship anything to myself.

I have an a64+ I need to access serial console.

I am new to all this. But I am assuming that programmers such as you offer are not just for pine devices but are used in industrial applications? I'm in an area with many factories, and electronics parts providers. Can you give me some keywords and model numbers where I may be able to find an alternative to what you're selling here:

Also I'd like to know does the "woodpecker ch340" also work with a64+?

Also I saw this post

In the post he recommends this USB to Rs232 TTL Ch340g Would this work for my a64+?

Also he recommends FT232RL IC again would this work?

If you just tell me where I should look it would be very helpful. Once I had a bricked laptop after a bios upgrade and I was sent to a laundry machine repair facility who was able to provide me with a eprom flasher device... I just need help knowing where I should look for alternatives that I can purchase directly since I'm traveling. Thanks.
I suggest a radio shop, like the kind that taxis use to maintain/install their commercial vhf/uhf radios might have a USB-serial radio programming cable or a phone shop with an older USB to phone cable for very old non-USB phones(old Nokia pop-port USB cable is verified).  Many of these programming cables have a PL2303 or whatever is the current vogue USB to serial IC, a bit of soldering and a 4 pin TRRS 3.5mm phone jack from just about any phone headset and you are ready to go!  If you have a future location you could try to get a delivery to the post office by general delivery.
Maybe someone in this thread could suggest a specific dongle generally available for cheap that has a USB to serial to cut up for this purpose, fallback for me is I keep a few Digispark boards(USB attiny85) in my laptop bag, those are sometimes found at educational stores along with Arduino stuff which could also be made into a large USB to serial adapter.
Peruse the Chirp wiki or join the list to ask people for ideas for an improvised serial programmer.

Sorry it's so late updating this. Just wanted to say you were correct, I was able to find extra usb serial adapters at a HAM radio store. Also beforehand when I was in that pinch trying to find the usb serial, I found a linux robotics club at a local high school near me, I donated an extra a64 for a few extra usb serials they had. They never heard of pine before and heard later their quite happy with it Smile They're doing something with AI and Pis usually to make robots that can complete movement and route changing goals using a camera and symbols printed out on paper for each goal. All beyond me but sounds very interesting.

Also the tip about Poste restante, I never knew about this and seems most country post offices do this which I've been using successfully now. 

Thanks for the help all the help

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