(06-19-2016, 08:22 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Please forgive me, but I don't believe you... I'm not calling you a liar, I just don't believe your story (I'm not that gullible).

If you can't answer xalius' question with specifics then you are not credible. To state you you used multiple tools and multiple images is bogus. Which specific tool did you use, with what command did you try to write the image file to the SD card, (on what OS machine) and so on... your story is not credible, and your attitude is suspect.

<truncated quote>

1) First of all, hello. My Pine64's (x3; 2GB wifi/BT models) arrived yesterday!

2) MarkHaysHarris777, I will be specific in my expositions but please do not respond in the same nature your above quoted text; it is quite, to say professionally, unproductive.

3) I have tested x2 Pine64's to no avail
          a) Pine 64 2GB, wifi/BT module not installed
          b) No other peripherals connected (ie. keyboard or wired network)
          c) Used generic (fully tested) 8GB microSD cards, as well as 16GB ADATA microSD cards
          d) Used supplied power supplies, as well as 2.1amp USB outlet based adapters (Targus & Philips; reputable quality that work perfectly with higher amperage requiring devices such as tablets and other SoC's).
          e) Tested on LG 49UB8200 and LG 65UB9300 (both are 4K units); Also tried Onkyo TX-NR636 to pass HDMI through to 65UB9300.
          f) Also tested on HDMI capture card (1080p resolution limit).
          g) Used PhoenixCard 3.1.0 for phoenix based images, and Rufus and imageUSB for DD images (images from and use of PhoenixCard and Rufus based upon
          h) each time allowed 5-10 minutes to elapse once plugged in - only red LED was on with no other feedback from Pine64 nor televisions/receiver
          i) good quality HDMI cables with no previous issues with 3D use.
          j) I handled the Pine64's appropriately
          k) files were MD5 checked
          l) used 2 different Win7Pro units for writing of images to microSD cards
          m) Tested the following images: android-rooted-ver5.1.1-20160505-pine64-8GB, remix-v2.0-20160415-pine64-16GB, Pinea64_android_lollipop_db1000_20160216, debian-mate-jessie-20160501-lenny.raposo-longsleep-pine64-8GB, remix-v2.0-20160415-pine64-8GB, pine64-image-debianmate-310101bsp

This is not my first endeavor, as I have multiple Raspberry Pi units as well other computers, servers, and an advanced network in use.
After all these attempts the devices have failed to work.

I cannot think of any further testing that I can perform. The only other monitors that I have access to do not have HDMI inputs.

Input would be appreciated.

Going to start a new thread regarding my issues.

Just tried the OpenHAB microSD OS and nothing either.

(knew that OpenHAB was headless but didn't know that it had HDMI console output)

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