Workaround for crackling audio when music starts/stops
When I start or stop playing any audio on my PBP, there will always be a crackling noise before and after, loud enough to make me worry about my external speaker system!

Finally I found a workaround to prevent this: I just continually play a sound file at zero volume in the background, that keeps the audio output active and the cracks are gone!

I use this command:
mpv --volume=0 --loop /path/to/audio/file.mp3

I thought some people might be interested in this workaround and use it as well.

Yes, this is far from a perfect solution, but for me it works so far and maybe one day an update will solve the issue :-)
Please, have a look at this forum post, which describes a somewhat better workaround, in the sense of possibly cosuming less CPU power. I've also created a kernel patch that makes it possible to turn off dynamic power management for the Pinebook Pro's audio codec, which eliminates the popping/crackling noises.  It will be released as part of a patch series that will resolve the remaining audio issues on the PineBook Pro.

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