which distro + DE are you using these days on the Pinebook Pro?
EndeavourOS with Xfce

EOS is on every computer in my house Big Grin   Love it.
Distro: Manjaro
DE: mate
WM: i3

I would prefer to use it with Debian, as that's my distro of choice. But as I tend to use software on my PBP that is under somewhat heavy development, being able to make use of the simplicity makepkgs PKGBUILD files provide as compared to dpkg for packaging software pulling directly from a repository, I'll stay on Manjaro for the foreseeable future.
I installed Kali a long time ago, not sure if I'm installing it again when I move to SSD
Kali with xfce.

I'm really enjoying the stealthy windows 10 lookalike mode

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Arch Linux with the Manjaro kernel and sway. Running the os on the emmc and /home on an encrypted SD card. Works quite well for day-to-day tasks but wish it had a bit more oomph when compiling
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My PBP is of the second batch with the 128GB eMMC. I went with the Debian it came with first for a while, then tried Manjaro XFCE, then Manjaro KDE, tried a few others on SD cards, and didn't quite love any of them so far.

Then I discovered Tow-Boot, installed it on the SPI, and am enjoying an almost PC-like boot experience since then. Free of the hassle of making sure every medium has U-Boot properly installed, I tried some more, and am currently test-driving Manjaro Sway. It appears to be snappy enough, and the minimalist tiling experience is quite nice after some getting used to.

If I find the time, I will do more tests with Void Linux…
I am currently using a bit of a frankenstein setup with Voidlinux and a manjaro kernel (because the void one is outdated).

I am liking void so far, but the repos are missing a few programs like the libreoffice suite that are near-impossible to self-build on the pbp.
I think I am going to check out Chimera Linux when an aarch64 build gets released.

For my wm I am using the river wayland compositor which is simply the best:
Wayland, Dynamic tiling and super fast/reliable performance.

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