My Desktop Good Morning from Rochester MN
Big Grin 

Good morning from Rochester MN...

... this is my desk at the moment. SoC is a beautiful 40c with a sold 3v2 and fluctuating 4v86.

The 5v supply is a bit of a mystery. W/ usb receiver, fan, and LED lab running 4v86... with the fan and receiver unplugged 4v5-4v72 / short time after plugging the fan and receiver back in then 4v86 !

I'm using an older 2A PSU from my PI, so will report back when the new supply arrives.

The 5v 2.5A switching supply is working much better !

... 5v02 with everything running. This board (PineA64) has all of the same power and heat problems the RPi 3B is experiencing also; not complaining, it is what it is. There does need to be a sharp distinction made between a 'charger' , a wall wart , and a real PSU for these small computers ( especially as they are working faster ).
Hi Marcus,

I enjoy reading your posts, if for nothing else than to see your big beard.

Seriously though, it's good to see some positive posts like yours.
You betcha! Well, this is the new era of computing ... reminds me of the early days of the 8 bit SBCs (apple, vic20, atari, &c) everyone was a kitchen table programmer; it was fun... this is something very much the same! I have Arduinos, Raspberry PIs, microPython boards, and now a PineA64 board laying all over the place here... having a blast, and helping to educate a whole new generation of computer scientists ! Its fun; so, thanks for being there-- and all the best, really !

Good morning from Germany Tongue

[Image: hrN1WcN.jpg]

We should probably get a "Post your setup thread going...." Smile
Come have a chat in the Pine IRC channel >>
guten Morgen !

Yes, I agree... good to see how people are getting on in the world (technically and otherwise !)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Good Morning(afternoon) from more northern Minnesota Smile All 4 boards tested booting and running, hopefully soon I get time to really start playing with them!

[Image: nvnl7d.jpg]
As always, great post MarkHaysHarris777 !

I've won't be linking any photos since, for the time being, my pines are on server duty - not too terribly exciting to look at Smile
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

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