Video : Review of the PineBook Pro with Armbian
(06-30-2021, 05:52 AM)NicoD-SBC Wrote: Hi all.
I'v made a review video about the PineBook Pro.

I'm very happy with the PBP. Perfect device for me.

Here all the info I gathered. Greetings, NicoD
Version                   Frequency        NicoD Belnder CLI    7-zip a/c      7-zip s/c     7-zip b/c     CPUMiner     SBC-Bench
-------                   ---------        -----------------    ---------      ---------     ---------     --------     ---------
Armbian Focal Mate 5.10   2Ghz/1.5Ghz      13m29s               8422           1347          2062          10.8
Armbian Focal Mate 5.10   1.8Ghz/1.4Ghz    14m20s               7906           1267          1855          10.3 
TwOS Armbian Focal 5.10   1.8Ghz/1.4Ghz    14m40s              
Armbian Buster xfce4 5.10 1.8Ghz/1.4Ghz    15m00s               8074           1303          1843          10.2
Armbian Hirsute cinamon 5.12 1.8/1.4Ghz    14m39s               7907           1264          1854          10.1  
Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10  1.8Ghz/1.4Ghz    14m52s               7764           1242          1843          10.1

Odroid N2+ Bionic 4.9     2Ghz/2.4Ghz       9m01s              11702           1756          2504          14

Transfer rates                                    access time
--------------                                    -----------
SD-card 128GB Sandisk Extreme read 68.8 MB/s      0.42 msec
                             write 58.2 MB/s
eMMC 64GB read                     187 MB/s       0.23 msec
eMMC 64GB write                    145 MB/s
NVMe 256GB read                    802 MB/s       0.03 msec
NVMe 256GB write                   423 MB/s                       #starts at 850 MB/s then goes down to 260 MB/s
SSD over USB3 read                 406 MB/s       0.21 msec
SSD over USB3 write                244 MB/s                       #starts at 220
SSD over USB2 read                 35.3 MB/s      0.51 msec
SSD over USB2 write                32.3 MB/s     

Idle          45C
Maxed out     75C on desk
              80C with back raised
Idle          47C
Maxed out     86C (light throttling at 85C)

Power consumption
Charging while on   2.6A  (max with 60 000mAh power bank, most PSU's don't go over 2A)
Charging while off  2.5A

Browsing and video playback
Vivaldi runs gpu accelerated browsing and perfect video playback up to 1080p30fps or 720p60fps
         download Vivaldi snapshot arm64
                 sudo apt install fonts-liberation
                 sudo dpkg -i vivaldi-snapshot..._arm64.deb
Firefox runs a bit smoother for browsing, but video playback isn't fully accelerated
For video files kodi runs well
         sudo apt install kodi

You can disable Microphone, wifi and camera with key combinations. Pine64 Logo + F10, F11 and F12
Can be powered with either barrel jack or USB type-C 5V !!!Not with both at the same time!!!
USB-C can be used for external display with USB-C to HDMI adapter
It can deplete the battery while being charged in heavy use and full brightness, cetainly when using an NVMe
USB-c hub not working
Delete key is backspace with function key
Very low volume in TwisterOS
Too many screws to open

Awesome hardware. I love to have an ARM SoC in a laptop. The RK3399 is the best supported SoC software wise.
Tho a laptop with Amlogic S922x would have been great too. It is more powerful while consuming less.
I would not easily recommend it to people who are not used using ARM. But for me it is near perfect.
It looks great, and the keyboard feels good.

TwisterOS upgrade problem fix from PtitSeb
sudo mv /usr/share/doc/linux-libc-dev/changelog.Debian.gz /usr/share/doc/linux-libc-dev/changelog.Debian.gz.old
    to "solve" the conflict, and than the --fix-broken worked
Armbian Focal Mate 5.10 has some issue's with battery monitor applet. And power management isn't working as it should.
Armbian Focal xfce4 5.10 Doesn't always boot, black display.
TwisterOS Armbian Focal 5.10 power led only goes on after a while when default os. Speakers are very quiet.
Armbian Buster xfce4 5.10 Doesn't always boot. Black display.

Thanks on the review. Hopefully we can meet up again on FOSDEM 2022.

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