Recycled Clear Modem case
On receiving my battery today, I decided it was time to put the old cardboard case I made from the shipping box (great for initial testing) and move up to something with more space and stability.  Found my old Clear modem and decided it would work great.  Had to dremmel, sand, eyeball and tape but eventually I ended up with the following:
[Image: 13423756_10208416506024661_8127703958426...e=57D9C397]
Due to not being able to find any right angle audio plugs I had to cut a hole for it to extend out of the case and back into where the speaker is housed.  After thinking about it I liked this idea as it allows me to still plug in headphones when I'm on the go.

I salvaged the old Clear antenna and used it instead of the provided one with the wifi/bt hat.  What do you know, I can now receive wifi from down the street.

Here are images of the other sides minus back as it is just a lot of clear info.  Will have to put a nice print out of something back there to finish out the mod.
[Image: 13495665_10208416506384670_5180447306309731828_o.jpg][Image: 13418441_10208416506224666_3486499833463613513_o.jpg]
[Image: 13475110_10208416506184665_8291963304572830887_o.jpg][Image: 13443311_10208416576786430_250911135047268314_o.jpg]

Biggest problem I ran into is the 30 pin ribbon cable for the display was about an inch too short to have the display exactly centered so it is sitting lower then expected (and the black piece of tape covers the origonal slot the cable used).  After readjusting it several times everything fits and works.  

In the last pic you can see where I cut out part of the grill of what used to be the bottom of the modem so I can get easy access to the SD card for ease of changing.

Hope this gives some people ideas to work with.
nice concept! - it would probably be an advantage to equip the chips with heat sinks.
be wary of unshielded magnets near sd cards and ram modules but the concept is pretty kewl Wink
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin

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