2021 Jun 23 Updates breaks chatty [solved]
I did an update tonight (2021 Jun 23) and the chatty app stopped working.

$chatty: symbol lookup error: chatty: undefined symbol: _ZN4i18n12phonenumbers11PhoneNumberC1EPN6google8protobuf5ArenaE

I had to downgrade these packages to make it work again.

boost-libs-1.76.0-1 to boost-libs-1.75.0-3
evolution-data-server-3.40.2-2 to evolution-data-server-3.40.0-2
libphonenumber-8.12.25-1 to libphonenumber-8.12.21
protobuf-3.17.3-1 to protobuf-3.15.8-1-

I am not sure where to report this issue, but this post did help me.

As of 2021 Jun 24 this is no longer an issue with the update of chatty to chatty 0.3.1-2

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2021 Jun 23 Updates breaks chatty [solved] - by mikehenson - 06-23-2021, 09:15 PM

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