Pinebook Pro for sale (USA only)
Pinebook Pro with ANSI (US) keyboard from the most recent batch. I received it in May and played with it for about a week but it's been sitting in a drawer ever since and deserves a better home. Like new condition, ships in original box with original charger.

215 shipped, payment via paypal

I'd be happy to purchase that from ya.
Great, I'll send you a PM and we can work out the shipping details!
I think I need to have three posts before I can send a PM, so this is my third post (alternatively, whatever mod is manually approving these messages could make sure that I have PM rights, thanks in advance!)
I got your email, but I can't respond yet. Will make another post.
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(06-26-2021, 07:05 AM)thequailman Wrote: If anyone else is looking for a May 2021 ANSI PBP as well, I think I am selling mine.  I can't get Debian to work on it, and while Arch and friends work fine, I use Debian everywhere and would rather not have this be an outlier.  PM me for details.

While the official Debian installer doesn't quite work, and debootstrap with UEFI boot hasn't worked for you either, have you tried native u-boot method, similar to what does? There is also that has some fixes and enhancements compared to original. The install I use right now with plenty success was done by manually unpacking archives just because I wanted to f#&k around, but conceptually it is no different from deboostrap and the boot method/configuration is almost the same as what's used in the above mentioned scripts, native u-boot.
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