My pbp is a sleek, black, flat brick, and won't boot from any kind of media
Thanks for the specifics on the how long to hold the power button. I was doing "long holds" but not with any kind of specific timing.
I'll try that first.

But if the SD card wouldn't boot _before_ I flashed the uboot, when Manjaro was working fine, it seems unlikely to boot now.

It sounds like my only options are to get the serial console on the UART going (I don't have that hardware, and I'm lousy with a soldering iron even if I had one) or get the eMMC adapter and try flashing the eMMC on my other machine. Right?

I only use dd on linux for doing image flashing, for precisely that reason that I've had bad luck with Mac disk creation in the past.

Thanks yos!

(06-19-2021, 08:18 PM)KC9UDX Wrote: What do I do? I use the serial console to see what U-Boot is doing.  If nothing, then I know I don't have a valid U-Boot.

Make sure the power is off: hold the power button for twenty seconds.  Then charge overnight with a USB-C charger.  This is important.

Don't try to boot from USB.  Disable your eMMC.  Try multiple SD-cards.  Do use only micro-sd cards in the PBPs slot, don't use any kind of adaptor.

Oh thanks. I'll run through this diligent process and see if I can get 'er to move at all.

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