Shame on pinephone
(06-24-2021, 11:27 AM)dooblewoops Wrote:
(06-21-2021, 01:19 AM)TRS-80 Wrote: I tell you the problem is not the device, the problem is customer service. He not know give correctly instruction. You recept a device dont work in KDE plasma Mobile, and he tell me download the beta edition, not KDE beta test. Of course the resultat test is not good, in more a lot youtube video tell Pinephone is so easy for other OS with SD card. You anderstand i dont installing mobian in eMMC if my device dont work correctly, if my device hase a factory problem. That's an eventuality you know. I dont no change the eMMC OS (for warranty) before i'm sure the device have not a factory problem. Now is good my device work on mobian eMMC. Problem resolved

To clarify, these are not my words.  Seems to me like a formatting / quoting error.
Just for your information, I'm buying a Samsung S3 neo for 20$, with 1.5gb ram (only), flashing with ubport installer, and it works better than pinephone.

Visit the main page pinephone, never it is writing this product is not finish, never it is writing this phone not warranty for using normaly. No is publicity. In more the proof customer service is very bad, he have not technicien, and it sends you to the forum. of course you are happy customer with fonctionaly phone, and you not anderstand a customer not satisfact. For you it is not possible a pinephone defect. But yes it possible. And i insist, 15% for restocking, that's crasy, he restoking the defect phone. Check the Volla phone forum, a phone with Ubuntu touch, only satisfact customer. Yes 450$ but it better then a lamp torch for 200$, named pinephone. A phone is not a gadget, is important for every day.

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