Cannot install spotify, librespot or mopidy
Hi all,

I'm trying multiple ways to try to play music on Spotify on Mobian.

First I've tried to install spotify from web, writing code on terminal like they indicate on the official web, but there is no funcionality.

Later I've installed Librespot, like another colleague mentioned here on forum too, but after having it installed, I cannot run it.

And the ultimate solution I've found is to install Mopidy, but after installing it, it simply doesn't open when I click on icon.

So, Is there any solution in order to play music with Spotify on Mobian??

Thanks so much in advance.
(06-16-2021, 03:06 PM)Gon Wrote: I'm trying multiple ways to try to play music on Spotify on Mobian.

I'm not too familiar with spotify, but it looks like they also use widevine for DRM, which is not available on arm64/linux.
have you tried
(06-17-2021, 07:09 AM)tophneal Wrote: have you tried

Thanks a lot my friend, I've installed spot like they indicate on web and it is running and playing now on my Mobian.

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