What OS will actually work with phone calls?
I'm on Arch Linux on my Pinephone. Both voice, sms and data has worked consistantly for me. Now, I'm furtunate to be on a operator with good coverage and a "bring your own device" policy. I would say that Arch make the phone fully usable for the basics. Some tips:
- Reboot the phone daily
- Use "mmcli -m 0 --messaging-list-sms" to look after "hung" messages
- Update the phone with "pacman -Syu" and reboot after appying updates
- Lock the phone to either 2G or 4G (depending on your coverage)

Hope this helps
Alright, so, as an update to my own question, we have been running these phones for about two weeks. We have settled on either Arch or Mobian being the least glitchy and most user friendly (for us). My husband liked the layout of Manjaro with KDE the best because it is what he uses on his computer, but he could never get it to work with phone calls/text. Will update about our experience with phone and text on the carrier post as well, but got Puretalk to work inconsistently and just now tried US Mobile with activating an old phone and then switching the SIM. So far, so good. Both calls and text.
I have been using Mobian with a prepaid SIM from Walmart (their own Family Mobile service, with GSM (T-Mobile I think)) and so far pretty good. In fairness I only used it extensively for a few days so far. I do drive a lot for work (all over U.S.) so looking forward to doing lots more extended testing once I go back (I am taking at least this whole week off).

There are some glitches, some times the modem drops out and I need to reboot, and it takes some times a few moments to wake up and reconnect to to the network when the phone wakes up (as have been widely reported, and currently under active development as I understand) but if you are willing to deal with these minor inconveniences, it can actually already be used as a phone, including VoLTE which was a very pleasant surprise as I think that is becoming just about required moving forward.

As an added bonus, I was able to sign up for service on their website using a completely fake name (although you will need to provide some email address, anonymous and temporary services are available). No ID nor any other intrusive data collection required. I was quite pleasantly surprised by this.

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