Pinebook Pro Manjaro Power Savinng Tips
How can I minimize power usage in Manjaro(e.g. turning off CPU cores, lowering default brightness, etc.)
(06-14-2021, 07:01 PM)HelpMyBatteryIsDraining Wrote: How can I minimize power usage in Manjaro(e.g. turning off CPU cores, lowering default brightness, etc.)

The same way you can do that in almost any other Linux distro. Your UI options will depend on the desktop environment you choose to run - e.g. in KDE there is a slider when you click on a battery icon in your tray. You should be able to use your keyboard too, Fn+F1/Fn+F2 should be the keys. As to turning off CPU cores - you wanna play around with values in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu#/online - you can read them, and, as root, write to them.

Generally though, don't be afraid to use search engines for such basic questions - they won't bite you, and searching for something like "linux turn off cpu core" or "manjaro adjust display brightness" will yield exactly what you're looking for among the very first few results, and typically much faster than if you wait for the answers on a forum.
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