Shonky laser cut phone stand
Oi Oi good people.

I made this:

Its a bit odd looking as I had to account for a nasty generic case I found on ebay: (moto g6 play in black)

Also it uses a right angled usb c adapter for the convergence dock:

I'm still fighting with the convergence dock at the moment, the only way I can get it to display on a connected monitor is with the OS's in Megi's 17 distro image on a tfcard, or from an un-upgraded os fresh from download, so the right angled adapter might not be a great idea.

Anyway, if you wanted to make your own, here's the SVG's:
[Image: cut_4.svg]

[Image: cut_4.svg]

[Image: cut_6.svg]

My plywood is 3.5mm so that's the length and widths of the tongues and tongue holes (there's probably a better name, but I don't know what it is)
Tongue and tongue holes = tenon and mortises.

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