Very slow glamor 2D acceleration
I have an Armbian setup and have just got Panfrost and glamor X acceleration working. The result is actually _slower_ than it was previously --- it now takes about a second to update a full-screen rxvt terminal.

glxinfo -B shows that I'm using the 'Mali T860 (Panfrost)' device; glxgears shows 60fps and supertuxkart runs about a few frames per second, rather than the 1fps it was pretending to run at previously, so panfrost does look like it's actually _running_. The X logs look like the glamoregl has loaded and I don't see any errors. The panfrost and rockchipdrm modules are loaded and in use (non-zero reference counts). There's no reference to the software rendering engine.

I have:

Kernel: 5.12.6-rockchip64
libgl1-mesa-glx: 20.3.4-1
xserver-xorg-core: 2:1.20.11-1

Any suggestions as to what might be wrong here?
This appears to be a general Mesa bug which happens to hit urxvt unusually hard:

Switching to xterm makes my system much more usable, although other apps are hit by it too.
Yeah, I've had to blacklist the panfrost module --- it wasn't just that urxvt, it was causing problems all across the board: chromium wouldn't display anything, a few other applications were cripplingly slow, and there were also random slowdowns and freezes.

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