Hints on improving performance
So I have upgraded my trusty Asus Chromebook Flip C100P, now about five years old and running a hacked-together Debian system, with a PBP. After installing Armbian on it and doing some test builds, I can confirm that a build which on the C100P was taking 1m15 is now, on the PBP, taking... 1m30.

Er, oops.

The C100P has a Rockchip RK3288C 1.8GHz quad core. If I'd done my research properly, I'd have known that the Pinebook Pro has a RK3399 with 2x1.8GHz and 4x1.5GHz cores; they both have 4GB of RAM. Apparently having the extra two cores doesn't make up for not having four high-speed cores.

Any suggestions on if there's anything to do to speed things up?

- using arm32 binaries instead of arm64 binaries might help due to reducing memory bandwidth (pointers are half the size). The C100P is all arm32.
- the build uses twice the system time on the PBP than the C100P. On the PBP I'm using f2fs on the internal eMMC. On the C100P I'm using ext4... but the PBP's eMMC is way faster, so unless f2fs is vastly less efficient than ext4 that shouldn't make a difference, surely?
- I don't have accelerated graphics yet, so it could just be spending all its time updating the xterm... but building from the console produces the same numbers.
- I haven't found hard numbers for the clock speed yet. The two fast cores seem to max out at 1800MHz. Will they go faster?

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