Can't boot from eMMC or SD card...

I broke my Arch system on my Pinephone with an incomplete update. Now I can't boot from eMMC, the loading screen roll forever.

I tried to flash Jumpdrive to SSD card. But my Pinephone won't boot to SSD card, it start Arch from eMMC anyway.

There is a solution to repair my Pinephone ? If i can chroot or something it could be nice...

Thank you !
I believe you need console cable ( and from uboot prompt you can do recovery. I've ended up in similar situation with pbp and only tweaking with uboot got me saved.

Issue for me was that partition on emmc was corrupted, and uboot boots kernel from microsd first partition - but based on partition naming, uboot assumed that emmc root file system partition was ok (which was not). And boot ended up stuck for this reason.

So get cable and force uboot to use microsd based boot partition for kernel and rootfs.

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